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What we do.

WCHS CAAS is designed to help you navigate high school successfully.  Each year we meet with every student at WCHS - with YOU - and discuss your individual program, your career interests, your skills and talents and what we can do to help you succeed.  This website is designed to help you begin that process.  You can research anything and everything- from high school planning (courses and requirements) to financing your post secondary education; helpful study skills to graduation requirements.  And if you don't find it here, send us an email, fire off a question, save it for our interview or come by our offices and we will help you out.  Let's plan it out together.


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Study Skills

How do I take effective notes? Should I just read the paragraph one more time? How can I prepare for an exam? Is there help out there in the universe?

High School Planning

What courses do I need for High School Graduation in Alberta? Should I fast track? What is a pre-requisite? Can I choose my teachers? What is a -1 versus a -2 course?

Post Secondary Planning

Trades or universities? How do I choose a post secondary program? How do I apply? When do I apply?

Career Exploration

This page has information for individual careers or career research in general. Build your career dreams into practical possibilities!

Money Matters

One of the great challenges is the financial or monetary side of your education. This area looks at the real costs of post-secondary education, scholarships, loans and credit. And that is only the beginning of your research in this area.

So, who are we?

Catherine Currie

Career and Academic Services Counsellor

Brilliant nuclear physicist, on temporary loan to WCHS to teach English and to Counsel,

Nathan Moore

Career and Academic Services Counsellor

Retired, retreaded and ready to find the answers to your educational and career direction questions!


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